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Overview of NORRCOM VoIP

VoIP, it’s short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a digital phone service that transmits voice over your broadband internet rather than your conventional or analog phone system.The call is converted to data packets and sent over the Internet instead of through the copper wires that make up a standard PSTN network. VoIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication and then transferring it through Internet broadband. So if you are using a VoIP telephone system, you are basically using the Internet to make phone calls. Using a VoIP system has several benefits for many businesses.

You can use your VoIP phone just like any other phone: Pick up, wait for a tone, and then dial the number, so there are no extra numbers to dial and no special rules to follow. You don’t need a new phone to call with VoIP, either; just a VoIP adapter  or a mobile app on your mobile device. A majority of providers offer a BYOD service to make your transition to VoIP easy. And if you have a headset and VoIP software, then you can just call from your computer. Computer-to-computer calls may be free, too. But if you call the public network or an external phone from your computer, you will likely be charged per minute.

WiFi Design

Wireless network design has changed a lot recently. No longer do we just look at a floor plan and place dots in locations that we think will offer good coverage. With just about everyone now having multiple devices on them at all times and all connected to wireless we heavily rely on a stable and secure solution and it all starts with the design.

With this increase of users connecting to the wireless we no longer design a network based of coverage. It is more important that we design a network that will support this capacity of clients. We have a number of documents that we will run through with you while designing the network, these will help identify not only the number of access points required but also the band and model.

We would also recommend once a design is on paper and ready to be implemented that we perform an on-site pre-installation survey. This required mounting wireless APs on Tripods and placing these throughout the floor where they are to be installed as per the drawings. Once this has been done we will walk around and survey the floor with our start of the art wireless survey software.

We recommend this as it ensures that the network we are offering is going to be robust and importantly that it is defiantly going to work. Also, if for some reason the network does not pass our agreed requirements then we are able t make adjustments on AP locations and the survey.

With the completed we will have a real plan in place showing where the AP’s are to be installed and you will have the guarantee that once it is installed it will work.

WiFi Surveying

In order to get maximum performance out of your wireless network there are a number of specific and important components to take into account. By performing a wireless site survey, we will be able to tell if these important requirements have been met for your network, and more importantly we are able to make recommendations on the changes required for maximum throughput.

Before we perform the survey, we require a floor plan of the building. The more to scale the plan is the more accurate our data collection will be. We insert the floor plan into our powerful site survey software and set a scale for the plan. Now with 4 antennas inserted to the survey device we walk the whole site, through every room, corridor and even outside, plotting on the plan every path we make.

Once the wireless survey is complete, we will analyse the data collected. This is the important part of the survey, by looking at the data we can identify any areas of concern in the network and start to put together a plan to remedy the problems. We will look at Vendor Type, AP model, AP locations, signal strength of Each AP and finally full site wireless interference. We will explain each component in more detail below:

Vendor Type – It is important to ensure the whole wireless solution has only one vendor of wireless AP. This is because all enterprise grade solutions have powerful technology designed to hand over the users from AP to AP as they move around the campus. As well as being able to hand off users in high use areas to Aps that are perhaps not under such heavy loads.

AP Model – You need to choose a model of AP that is fit for purpose. If you have a small number of clients that only do emailing then there is no need for the most powerful wireless device. But if you have a classroom with 30 students each having 2-3 devices each then you are going to need a device that can deliver fast data rates to each device.

AP locations – Perhaps one of the most overlooked parts about network installation. Moving a wireless AP, a metre each way can drastically modify the whole wireless environment. If you are having signal strength issues, then this could be a simple yet effective solution ad we can easily identify this on the survey.

Signal Strength – Signal strength is important for dense environments where there is a large number of users and APs. You do not want your wireless network to be broadcasting over the range to which it is designed to cover. If it does this could have serious negative impacts on the overall user experience.

Wireless Interference – We want to avoid as much interference as possible. When there is interference the end user will notice the impact on the network. There are many types of interference such as other clients on the network, other APs in the environment, wireless CCTV and even microwaves. We are able to look at the interference and make channel and power changes to reduce as much of it as possible for a seamless connection for the end user.

When we perform our wireless site surveys, we ensure all of these components above are looked into and then if we find issues with any of them we will document the changes required and pass on to the customer in a detailed report.

WiFi Installation

We have an experienced team who are more than capable to complete any installation. Having done installs in Office Buildings, Primary and Secondary Education, Healthcare and Residential there is no job to big or too small for us.

One large project successfully completed by our engineers was a large outdoor wireless link project. Using solar panels and battery packs we had sites set up high on hills that offered wireless coverage to a whole community. The main reason for this project was to offer all schools in the community a platform to be able to share internet speeds as well as learning data. With the larger schools getting the faster internet connections and us knowing about the growth of technology in education we set this up to offer primary schools a faster and more reliable internet connection to be able to gain the benefits of using technology in the classroom.

This is just one example of a number of projects our team has completed, if you would like any more information about previous jobs, or if you would like for us to quote on a job you would like completed then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Nationwide NORRCOM WiFi Support

Technical Support

If you have a technical question we are here to help, with technicians always available for remote support we are sure to be able to find an answer for any of the questions that you may have. Also, providing we have access we would be able to make changes and adjustments real time for you, ensuring if your network is in need of some immediate attention we can address this.

Depending on the products and warranties that you purchased with it we are able to offer some of the fastest hardware replacement. We understand that downtime can result in profits lost, so getting you back online is one of our highest priorities. We work closely with all suppliers and try to keep as many devices available for next day delivery to ensure this for you.

On-Site Support

Often this is an optional add on to an existing support contract and chosen when holding large events such as conferences, sports events, meetings. The aim here is for the technician to be able to offer immediate support when needed to ensure everything runs smoothly for the event.

Also, if you were a large site such as a college it may be beneficial to opt for a few hours per month for general wireless maintenance and support. This is essentially a health check for the system, make sure all devices are working correctly, apply updates where applicable, check logs to ensure nothing out of the ordinary has happened and any remedial work that may need to be completed.

Pure WiFi have got expert technicians who are dedicated to providing industry leading Wireless services to its customers. We work closely with all of the wireless manufactures and are able to recommend the perfect hardware to suit individual needs and requirements. We offer a range of services including wireless network design, by doing this we are able to test a wireless solution before implementing or installing it. This gives you a guarantee that the wireless network we recommend is going to work and will pass the comprehensive requirements that we agree on in the planning stage.

We will discuss everything with you in a way that you understand, and anything that may be somewhat confusing to you we will be able to explain. We understand that wireless networks are a very complicated system and are here to guide you along the correct path to ensure your end solution is exactly what is required.

If you have any wireless troubles at all or are thinking about getting a new network please feel free to ask, one of our friendly staff will be in touch to discuss everything and get you online in no time.

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