Well what profound news should we write about, remembering we are in the ICT business. So being a brand agnostic provider here is our initial opinion on what is going on in ICT in Education.

Firstly we are worried about the steps we are all making or not making to secure ourselves from what is going to be a persistent wave of criminal attacks via high end attacks on our networks or by various emails which are impossible to detect or tell apart from the real thing. We did work with N4L who we are very impressed with the caring response.

Secondly we are in term three and everybody has started to look to the new year, we think the time is now to discuss the future look of your systems, were working on server-less school (as im sure others are) but we aim to get it right, were are following the MoE guidelines but we are trying to push the boundaries as this method isnt working with print cost recovery or MAC devices that use open directory on a MAC server.

remember this blog is never about selling and is informational and is in our opinion