Train to Success (T2S) – Helping to bridge the gap.


Train to Success (T2S) is a program designed by PineCone Consulting to give secondary and primary students real world experience, not only in Technology but business, planning, training and many other areas of local business. It is not just an internship nor is it ICT companies using students for free labour. The program is designed to give College students experience and exposure to real world. The program is run in collaboration with whole communities of schools. The first program is underway in partnership with schools in Levin and is based at Waiopehu College.


Simple, with 40m jobs globally being taken away by AI and Robotics we need to help train young people so succeed, we know there is a place for all people in this world. Young people do not always want to, need to or have to go to university. They do need to experience a world outside of the Saturday job. If they are given exposure they may focus on a career, they may realise its not for them but what it does do is give focus and insight, something that cannot always be accomplished in the classroom.


NORRCOM are one of the founding companies taking part in the program, being in technology we want to take young college students and give them exposure to s many aspects of technology as possible, this will fit in with college but will incorporate some of the following.

  • Cloud exposure and training in Microsoft, AWS, Google
  • Security training with Firewalls
  • Operating system training and certification
  • Network design and configuration
  • Server configuration
  • System planning

Our aim is to take students, teach them work ethics and basic computing, this way they can become productive withing the school community.

We Will

  • Give training in Microsoft

  • Setup Google cloud

  • Setup Wifi networks

  • Setup wired network

  • Configure switches


We all know work has to have a fun element, one persons fun is another persons geek, at NORRCOM we give work that is fun to those who achieve the work. We want our students to also experience this