NORRCOM is born

NORRCOM was formed and its first job in December that year was to review the network infrastructure at Paraparaumu College. NORRCOM prepared a report and the BOT adopted all of its findings, installing a gigabit fibre mesh network delivering a system that needed very little maintenance. NORRCOM had one employee Paul Norris, the founder and CEO.



NORRCOM starts on its road of discovery with its first customer

Paraparaumu College

NORRCOM signed its first support contracts with Paraparaumu College, Kapiti College and Waikanae Primary (NORRCOM still provides ICT Support and Service to these customers). We also established contracts with several Wellington based businesses. Our first office was established (at the bottom of the garden) and we recruited our first technician.


Our Team grows to the dizzy heights of 5 staff

What a team

NORRCOM moved to our first offices in central Paraparaumu, our team had expanded to to 5 with contracts at schools in Hutt Valley, Wellington, Kapiti and beyond.


NORRCOM design and install a community WiFi covering all schools on Kapiti Coast

Community Wifi

ORRCOM was now establishing itself as the company of choice for ICT in and around the region, the team grew and we established the first school based community WiFi on the Kapiti coast, using solar panels and marine batteries, this system (still in place) linked schools from Otaki to Paekakariki and in the days of expensive internet shared the load between local schools. We also experimented with hotspot software


8 team for 2008

Team reaches 8 people

Working from new offices at Kapiti lights, NORRCOM now had a permanent base to deliver ICT solutions, we had grown more than 100% per year and were busy establishing process and procedure. Without the forward thinking and dedication of this initial team were nothing was too much bother NORRCOM would not have been the company it is today.



NORRCOM was now well underway establishing itself as a leader in affordable open computer systems. Gone were the lock down, im better than you approach and in are the self empowering explain dont preach approach to computing. This being the bedrock of our business – ‘treat everybody as would expect to be treated yourself’


First School community WiFi in NZ

NORRCOM revolutionise the way WiFi is delivered by installing a community wide MESH network to support schools across the region. NORRCOM linked various repeaters and bespoke access points at various schools including Kapiti College, Paraparaumu College, Waikanae Primary, Raumati South, Kapanui and Paekakariki.


NORRCOM move to Auckland

Auckland – NORRCOM are the chosen provider for Stonefields school. NORRCOM establish a branch in Auckland with Dip heading up the region (Dip is still doing this today). We appreciated the gumption it took for Stonefields to go with NORRCOM and to this day appreciate everything Sarah and the team did to make Auckland such a success for us.


Bay of Plenty beckons

Golden Sands school appoint NORRCOM as the ICT provider of choice, NORRCOM now branch out into Bay of Plenty. NORRCOM assisted Golden Sands with the new build and have developed an excellent working relationship with Paul Dip and the team.


6 Regional offices

NORRCOM have now opened physical offices in Wellington, Kapiti, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Blenhiem with Christchurch opening shortly.


Family means Family

NORRCOM have been growing across the country with new schools choosing NORRCOM as thier ICT provider. Paul and Christine who started the company are now taking a back seat assisting Christopher manage NORRCOM, we have always been a family focused business and believe Christopher has these values.