Our team of Senior Management, Office Coordinators, sales Staff and specialist Engineers offer decades of experience in Education, Business and Service delivery. We are here as a team to deliver on promise.

In this world only when delivering service, the engineer is important but more importantly is the team they are part of can deliver anything for only when you are part of  team can you truly believe. We can help you through the cloud of confusion to take you directly to the technology to help you teach and your students learn.

Board of Directors

Christopher Norris


Christopher joined NORRCOM in 2005 and is one of 4 Norris family members working for the company, he graduated in management at Vic and has worked in the family business of and on since his early college days. Christopher continues the philosophy of relationship business, delivering honest reliable solutions

Christine Norris


Christine setup NORRCOM with Paul in 2003, Christine has setup every role in NORRCOM and is the fallback for everything. Christine is there for all the family but prefers to be in the background, oiling the machine.

Adam Norris


Adam has worked with and for NORRCOM since leaving school in 2008 and several years ago branched out into his own business (PureTech) it is important that the family stay as directors to guide the values we so strongly believe in.


Christopher Norris


Christopher joined NORRCOM in 2005 and is one of 4 Norris family members working for the company

Colin Nilsen

General Manager

Colin joined NORRCOM 8 years ago bringing with him extensive management experience

Dan Roscouet

Southern Technical Manager

Dan has worked at NORRCOM for over 4 years bringing extensive leadership and technical experience gained in UK and AUS

Yomi Oladapo

Northern Technical Manager

Yomi joined NORRCOM from supervisory roles in Nigeria and has extensive technical project experience

Technical Leads


Cloud Specialist

Aokuso heads up the NORRCOM Manawatu branch and is our national cloud expert


Network Specialist

Tony is the NORRCOM Network coordinator and works out of the NORRCOM Kapiti office


MAC Specialist

A product of the 80s though people say I don’t look the part. Took a bite on an apple a decade ago and has stuck with ever since. I prefer the red tasty fruit but in other times the smokey mirrors does the job

Senior Engineers



Dip is NORRCOM’s longest serving technician and works with schools mainly in the South Auckland, his speciality is Apple MAC



Walter is NORRCOM’s longest serving Wellington technician, Walter and Mrs Walter (Connita) do an excellent job in the NORRCOM family



Steven joined NORRCOM directly from USA, he works in our Taranaki office and has a speciality for MAC and Open source solutions



Danny is NORRCOM’s youngest senior engineer and works out of our Wellington office, Danny has a specciality in Cloud and Apple MAC



Mike joined NORRCOM many years ago and is the foundation stone of our Wellington team



Angelo joined NORRCOM several years ago and has grown to be a valuable member of the Auckland team specialising in Networks



Christo joined NORRCOM several years ago and specialises in project and large systems work



Regional Coordinator

Elaine is the NORRCOM lower north island coordinator, Elaine keeps engineers in place and is the front line for NORRCOM customers



When you get a NORRCOM Invoice, it came from Connita


Admin & Contracts

Customers seldom get to speak to Jacqui but all NORRCOM internal coordination is handled by Jacqui at the NORRCOM Kapiti office




Hayley prides herself in giving the best possible price NORRCOM can deliver


Hardware Sales

Grace is the latest addition to our Head office staff, helping cope with the volume of sales.