NORRCOM Support delivers

Technology is a process. You need it, you buy it and then you acquire support for it. At NORRCOM, we specialise in helping you acquire the right mix of hardware, software and expertise to help you run your business. But it doesn’t stop there. Our commitment is to keep your technology working for you – now and in the future.

Tech Support – You need it, we got it

No other industry moves as fast as IT.

  • Never-ending releases of your application software
  • Continual patches and upgrades of your operating systems
  • Faster, more powerful hardware
  • Increased risks from hackers, cyber-crims and spies
  • Evolving capabilities such as Wi-Fi, BYOD and the Cloud

NORRCOM support customers across the country, our support packages are designed to suit your needs, not our schedule. NORRCOM want our customers to thrive, we aim to keep systems simple and productive. Its simple when IT is simple. Speak to NORRCOM the only flexible provider of IT.

NO Hidden Costs

We have one rate, the best rate

NORRCOM have NO callout fees

NORRCOM only employ trained technicians, our staff no all school features and help with all issues, there are no gold or silver and no remote only.


Our Agnostic approach keeps our suggestions honest

NORRCOM are not tied to any Manufacturer

NORRCOM want to and we do discuss all options with our clients, we are not tied to brands and are not getting kickbacks for suggesting products not fit for our customers.


Our family of technicians and office staff want to deliver beyond expectation

NORRCOM strive to deliver beyond

NORRCOM work hard in getting our team to work as a unit, delivering helpful friendly onsite support.

Future Focused

Delivering tomorrows technology today

NORRCOM Cloud or AaS

NORRCOM work with you not for you in delivering tomorrows solutions at todays prices to make work smarter and easier.

NORRCOM’s Other Services

It’s as easy as a phone call or email. Our details are below. If you want to take charge of your technology, increase productivity and maximise your investment, you should be talking to NORRCOM. Unlike others we realise there is a choice, we realise others have levels of service or remote only packages. We want to meet you and discuss your ICT, NORRCOM are and always will be a people focused company just because it is technology doesn’t mean the delivery has to be soul less. – NORRCOM

Why Choose NORRCOM

      • Family Focused Professional service
      • Cost effective and reliable
      • One rate, one tier – Platinum, no gold silver and bronze
      • On site face to face support, we also provide remote
      • Free help and advice in future pathways

What NORRCOM Client’s Say

NORRCOM has understood our vision and has provided solutions with this in mind. NORRCOM’s emphasis is on providing strong relationships and strong lines of communication. It seems that nothing has been too difficult.

Anne Lye, Churton Park

NORRCOM understands our vision. The expertise they bring and advice they provide has guided us through some very tricky waters. It seems that nothing is too difficult. We have enjoyed and benefitted from our partnership with NORRCOM.

Maurie Abraham, Hobsonville Point Schools

NORRCOM have provided support at Kapiti College for the last 10 years and now provide all ICT services.  They have competent friendly staff who are able to explain things to the staff in layman’s terms,. When the Board reviewed ICT services this year and compared a range of national and local service providers, NORRCOM were the clear winners.

Tony Kane, Kapiti College