End to End training and experience for our young people

NORRCOM were the first to introduce internships from schools (our first intern is now an IT manager in Wellington), interns are often seen as a way to reduce costs on support at NORRCOM we take time and effort in developing exposure for these young people, they may even want to be ‘in IT’ but really don’t know what aspect they may like. At NORRCOM we will give them exposure to all aspects currently being used in the education sector.

Our mission is for them to leave the internship knowing what they want, if they want to continue at NORRCOM they can apply for the Apprenticeship position, we want to keep those that want to work in technology.

Tech Crew

NORRCOM tech crew
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NORRCOM College intern
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Junior Engineer

NORRCOM apprentice
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What is it?

Train to Success (T2S) is a program designed by PineCone Consulting to give secondary and primary students real world experience, not only in Technology but business, planning, training and many other areas of local business. It is not just an internship nor is it ICT companies using students for free labour. The program is designed to give College students experience and exposure to real world. The program is run in collaboration with whole communities of schools. The first program is underway in partnership with schools in Levin and is based at Waiopehu College.

Why do it?

Simple, with 40m jobs globally being taken away by AI and Robotics we need to help train young people so succeed, we know there is a place for all people in this world. Young people do not always want to, need to or have to go to university. They do need to experience a world outside of the Saturday job. If they are given exposure they may focus on a career, they may realise its not for them but what it does do is give focus and insight, something that cannot always be accomplished in the classroom.