Tech Support – You need it, NORRCOM have got it No other industry moves as fast as IT. Never-ending releases of your application software Continual patches and upgrades of your operating systems Faster, more powerful hardware Increased risks from hackers, cyber-crime and your competition Evolving capabilities such as Wi-Fi, BYOD and the Cloud

You have two choices: try to keep up on your own or trust the experts at NORRCOM to manage your IT support requirements. If you have dedicated, highly-trained staff who can pro-actively manage, upgrade and maintain your systems 24/7, congratulations, you’ve done well. But if you’re struggling to find the right people, don’t have the resources to spare on routine maintenance and training or have had a change in staff capabilities, you need NORRCOM.

Engagement Skills

Business is business but people drive relationships. At NORRCOM, we pride ourselves on delivering personalised, approachable and professional service. Each SLA receives our un-divided attention – we answer every phone call, reply to every email and ensure that we deliver what we promise. The SLA sets the rules. And we follow them to the letter.

Special projects – Let us help

Even if you have a capable IT support team in place, special projects can be a challenge. Hardware upgrades, application migrations, database redesigns and other necessary but time-consuming tasks can tie up your tech support. We can help. We’ll come on site, do the work, test and train and hand over management, all without any negative impact on productivity. And we’ll give you fixed cost pricing and a firm time line. That’s the NORRCOM promise.

Managed Services – Proactive support

Running and maintaining all of your tech solutions in-house is no longer the only game in town. By installing remote ‘agents’ on your hardware and applications, we can continually monitor performance. If we see anything unusual, we can act immediately. NORRCOM can provide a browser-based dashboard so that you can track activity if you so desire. We’ll provide full reports detailing activity. And we’ll look ahead and suggest any upgrades or enhancements to avoid any interruptions in services.

Moving to the Cloud

Off-loading some of your tech capabilities to a third-party data centre is becoming increasingly acceptable to Kiwi businesses. Already Google Apps, Xero, and Microsoft 365 provideapplications to the cloud. Indeed, with the prevalence of the cloud, the information on your screen might be coming from multiple locations, even overseas. Let NORRCOM be you ‘cloud broker’. We’ll help you decentralise your tech capabilities, off load what we can and manage what remains. The cloud, done correctly, is secure, fast and cost-effective. Let us show you how.

Getting started

It’s as easy as a phone call or email. Our details are below. If you want to take charge of your technology, increase productivity and maximise your investment, you should be talking to us.

Technology is a process. You need it, you buy it and then you support it. At NORRCOM, we specialise in helping you acquire the right mix of hardware, software and expertise to help you run your business. But it doesn’t stop there. Our commitment is to keep your technology working for you – now and in the future.

Service Level Agreements – Designed for you

NORRCOM service what we sell. We offer a wide variety of fixed cost or time and material service level agreements (SLAs) designed to provide the exact level of support you need. With the right SLA, NORRCOM will keep your network and applications up and running for maximum availability, tight security and cost-effective operations. Options include: 24/7 help desk, technicians on call for mission critical infrastructure Business hours help desk, technicians on a T & M basis Regularly scheduled technician service calls for maintenance, security upgrades Remote management of servers, network performance Training and professional development

NORRCOM work along side your own internal IT team, take full charge of your networks or simply keep your systems up-to-date. Whatever model works best for you.

The NORRCOM Advantage

NORRCOM bridges the gap between IT and business. Let us help you get the most from your IT investments. Our goal is to help your business thrive.

Technology Skills

NORRCOM’s technical team has the right mix of skills to fully support you infrastructure with a minimum of disruption to your business. We have highly-trained and certified specialists in: Servers, desktops and mobile devices Network cabling, switches, gateways; Wi-Fi and BYOD Operating systems and application software Security, storage and operational management Cloud, in-house or hybrid deployments Full training, documentation, on-going maintenance and support

NORRCOM partners with best-of-breed vendors and maintains close relationships with local and international vendor. If the solution exists, we’ll find it.