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NORRCOM the brand agnostic approach to hardware sales

NORRCOM have always sold hardware and all of our customers have benefited from our competitive pricing as well as providing help and advice in choosing a product that will fit your needs, something others will not understand. We have now opened an e-store to allow you to purchase directly from our website using the tab at the top of the page.

NORRCOM sell anything to do with computers, we are not tied to any particular brands and prefer to give you options. We do not mail bomb customers but we are extremely competitive, why not give it a go, what have you got to lose.


Desktop computers

NORRCOM provide competitive quotes for all major hardware including desktop computers, desktops fit into 3 main categories, entry level computers for internet browsing and basic functionality often used in drop in locations such as the library. Mid range computers for all subjects except the high usage areas. Mid range computers will be used on all administrators desks, computers labs and generic usage throughout the school or business. High end devices are those that have better CPU and graphics cards as well as larger screens. These devices are used in areas that have a high demand on image processing, this can be CAD/CAM, Graphics, Engineering, Art etc. These devices can often be Apple desktops or higher end Lenovo or HP.

Entry Level

Even though these devices are at the lower end they still need to perform well and be fit for purpose, these devices often come without screens,

there are several to chose from and we can discuss your requirements.

Mid Range

We tend to refer to these as workhorses, they need to last 3-5 years, have hardware warranties and be sufficiently grunty to handle all tasks without twiddling your thumbs, NORRCOM often chose HP, Lenovo or Intel for these devices.

High End

These devices may provide additional features above the mid range computer such as more memory, faster processor, high end graphics card, larger higher resolution screen. ‘they used to be the sole domain of Apple but all mainstream manufactures cater for this market. It is important you discuss your needs and we can help select the best product fit for the purpose.


Chromebooks are an innovative alternative to most laptops available on the market. If you want a simple to use device that utilises cloud storage.  Chromebooks have a simple operating system that’s easy to use and even easier on your wallet.

There are a few things to consider before buying a Chromebook, like their reliance on internet connection and overall capabilities.

Chromebook Basic Facts

You can think of a Chromebook as a mostly Internet-dependent laptop that starts up super fast and performs snappily thanks to the low-overhead of its operating system. Its applications are focused on Google’s own services and applications, like Chrome, Maps, and YouTube, but there is a growing list of third-party apps that work with Chrome OS natively, and many others that work with it through the Google Play Store.

Some apps can run offline, but the majority of them are web apps or apps that run while you’re connected to a network. Local storage is limited, but with storage available for free online,  there’s enough for most tasks and laptop use styles. There are also some Chromebooks that come with much mor

e expansive local storage, although you’ll need to pay for the privilege. NORRCOM provide competitive quotes through our e-store portal, brands we recommend are Acer, Lenovo and HP


There are as many types of laptop as there are students in a classroom. All laptops offer additional functionality to chrome books (laptops still run chrome browser) the basics in chosing a laptop come to price. A budget laptop will be perfect for students working at school, the mid range laptops are perfect for senior students and university as well as all business needs. the higher end and higher priced devices come with added feautures that may not be needed but come with a hefty price tag.

Basic features to look for when choosing a laptop

  • Build Quality – It needs to be robust and not designed to only sit on a desk, check hinges
  • Power – check the battery life of the device
  • Keyboard – check you can use it and it isnt annoying, backlit is a good idea
  • Camera – a forward facing camera that can be turned off is a good idea
  • Storage – If you are opting for storage make sure it has SSD (Solid State Drive) this is much faster
  • Warranty – At least 12 months manufacturer warranty

Features that come with a mid range device are those listed above they just come with more of them, they will also have at least an Intel i5 or i7  processor.

high end devices come with some of the following and you need to decide if these are needed

  • Flip screen – allows device to act as a tablet
  • Touch screen – allows you to move using stylus or fingers
  • 2 cameras – front and back
  • more storage – you have to ask if this is needed with so much cloud storage available for free


NORRCOM are an Apple Authorized Reseller (AAR) business partner, we can quote and sell software and/or hardware products that meet your requirements.

Apple offer computers and tablet options that come in various specs and build-to-order options. Apple’s Macs include the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro; and Apple’s iPad range include iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro.

From these options there will be an Apple option that suits your budget and requirements, please contact us for more details or to discuss your specific needs.

NORRCOM Infrastructure

NORRCOM have been selling, installing and maintaining many types of infratructure, by infrastructure we mean Servers, Switches, UPS, Storage and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Our infrastructure falls into the following main categories;-


As we move to a more cloud centric world the server function is often performed offsite by large corporations such as Microsoft, amazon, Google ans IBM. There is however often a need to maintain an on site server albeit much smaller. The rationale for this is solely cost. There should not be a cloud at all co

st approach as the cost analysis over the life cycle of a server very often do not stack up.

NORRCOM provide 4 types of servers fit for purpose at our customer locations.

  • High End – This server is often rack mounted in the server cabinet and will run applications such as Kamar, Print, Library
  • Mid Range – Similar functionality as the high end but with much less storage and suits small colleges or intermediates
  • Low end – When all that is left is print and a couple of basic applications

This area is not something you should jump in to, we believe the best place to start is discuss your requirement and we will recommend a fit for purpose solution. We can also arrange leasing, installation and maintenance.


Switches are the devices that connect everything together, without switches WiFi couldn’t work, desktops would not work and things we often take for granted CCtV, VoIP all use switches.

There are many types of switches with dozens of manufactures they have 8 ports up to 48 ports, best practice is to have managed switches in each building, these can all be what is termed edge switches and often these connect to the main switch in the server room.

NAS (Network Addressable Storage)

NAS devices are used as a cost effective method of providing local on network data storage without needing the storage either in the cloud or in a server. They are often used as local backup devices. There are small 2 disk versions all the way up to rack mounted 24 drive versions. NORRCOM use NAS drives at many customer locations as a cost effective method of providing local data.


A Firewall is a device that protects your network from all of the bad people out there. As in many devices there are small low cost options up to fortress type models that cost the same as a good car. NORRCOM are partners with Fortinet who we consider to be the best and most reliable on the market. NORRCOM can sell, install and maintain your Firewall, we can lock your school or business down as loose or as tightly as you want.


NORRCOM are one of the country leaders in WiFi, we have experience in small, large and very large installation. We are one of the few companies that have a secure Ruckus WiFi controller. We can recommend, survey and install as well as providing real time monitoring.   See our WiFi section under Puretech

UPS(uniterrupted Power Supply)

These devices are designed to smooth out the bumps during power outages, they were often used to keep a server running for a period of time. They are now often used for switches, phones and CCtV cameras. It is important to know UPS devices are not meant to keep things running forever this would need a generator.