NORRCOM Support for Rural Schools

Rural schools get a bad deal when it comes to ICT support, advice and help often getting billed to drive to your school or charging a premium. Well not at NORRCOM. We have designed a solution specifically aimed at rural schools, they pay the same hourly rate as large urban schools, they get the same engineers and we do not charge for travel. You then get to use the service others are talking about, friendly, brand agnostic family focused NORRCOM.

How do we do it, its simple we do not have to pay shareholders, if we want to go to rural schools and feel good about it, we can. Our smallest school has 10 students we know whats needed. We streamline your school, we simplify, we empower you and were there to help. Simple really.

Here at NORRCOM we design solutions that fit the here and now but moving that forward we adjust support depending on the needs here and now. This difference is important it means we listen and work with you. NORRCOM proudly work to reduce the hours in school, its a big difference and should not be under estimated.

Why not give us a call, we can develop a solution that will save time, money and streamline your systems. After all the infrastructure needs to be akin to the electricity, when you turn it on you know it will work, you don’t hold your breath.

Flexible Contract

Contracts and Support to suit your needs, one size does not fit all.

One Size doesn't fit ALL

No matter ho big or small, what you have or do not have, we can design a solution for for your purpose (and budget)

Only Platinum Support

We do not have extra's or tiers of service

One competitive rate for all services

High end technical support at a cost that meets your expectations, no hidden extras, no nonsense


Our experienced team offer help and advice not just support

Our Team know technology

Our staff are not junior, do not learn on the job and do not need to call senior engineers at head office

24/7 Helpdesk

No answer machine staffed 24/7 by experienced Engineers

Experienced Engineers

NORRCOM Helpdesk allows you to call, email or chat directly with knowledgeable staff. If Kamar is don on a Saturday just call.

NORRCOM’s Other Services

We work on solutions designed around the school and its requirements, you may have outside help, you may employ part time support, the staff may perform most of the work, this really isn’t an issue, our solutions are there to assist not hinder, we want your school to operate as a house of learning, technology is just a tool.

Why Choose NORRCOM

      • Family run with family values, delivering beyond expectation
      • Contracts to suit your need and your pocket
      • Brand agnostic when it comes to what to do and what to buy
      • Regular updates of trends and best paths to follow
      • Clear and concise in delivery, no ambiguity

What NORRCOM School’s Say

In 2011 Te Hihi School needed to find a new firm to provide IT support after the previous provider was unable to continue as we were moving towards allowing students to bring their own portable Apple devices. Fortunately, I was put in touch with Paul Norris from NORRCOM. Paul visited my school to assess what systems were already in place and what action we needed to take. All of the other firms that we asked to quote recommended that a server upgrade and replacing the wireless network at a total cost in the vicinity of $30-40,000. Paul ruled these out as excessive and recommended all that was needed was to install an Apple mini-server at a cost of less than $5,000.

Kevin Bush, Tehihi School

We recently changed our ICT service provider to NORRCOM. The change over to NORRCOM was stress-free – they understand schools and provide personal service. They even organised four extra site visits during the holiday period to resolve any issues before the term started.

Melanie Taylor, Golden Sands School

We have had five years of faultless service and they are an exemplary business partner in the education sector. Therefore I have absolutely no hesitation
in writing this recommendation or referring other schools to use their services.

Bevan Campbell, Waikanae Primary School

NORRCOM has understood our vision and has provided solutions for us with this in mind. NORRCOM’s emphasis is on promoting strong relationships and
strong lines of communication. It seems that nothing has been too difficult.

Anne Lye, Churton Park School