Azure is Microsoft’s cloud offering, it is not its cloud based applications it is the server and services associated with servers you currently have, a good example is Active Directory or AD. Azure AD is a copy of this running in Microsoft Cloud and works well – Very well.

NORRCOM work well alongside Microsoft, we understand the boundaries of what is best practice and what makes sense in your enviroment.

The base functions of Azure are free to schools, if you want to run servers in Azure you will pay for it, for example if you had an old server based SMS and wanted to get rid of the server on site you would have to pay for the service of hosting it in Azure.

AD and Exchange are free to use, it will cost you to move but there is currently funding available for these services. Email or call to see if you are eligible, beware others will charge considerable amounts for this essentially free service. NORRCOM can go over all aspects of Azure and the Cloud without it costing you anything.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a collection of various cloud computing services, including remotely hosted and managed versions of proprietary Microsoft technologies, and open technologies, such as various Linux distributions deployable inside a virtual machine.

Why does Microsoft Azure matter?

Azure lacks upfront costs or an appreciable time delay in resource provisioning—capacity is available on demand. With a usage-based billing formula, Azure is a compelling option for enterprises transitioning from on-premise Windows servers to the cloud.

Who does Microsoft Azure affect?

Azure can be utilized at any scale, from a garage startup to a Fortune 500 company. Because of the ease of transition, organizations with an existing Windows Server deployment may find Azure to be best suited to their needs.

When was Microsoft Azure released?

Azure reached general availability in February 2010, with additional services and regional data centers being added continually since launch.

How do I get Microsoft Azure?

New users receive a $200 service credit good for 30 days when signing up for Microsoft Azure; the credit can be applied toward any Microsoft-provided service. Additional discounts and credits are available for startups, nonprofits, and universities.