Our team of Senior Management is based across the North Island and is family based, our point of difference is we treat all customers as family. Our senior team covers all generations and has a huge amount of education experience. NORRCOM SLT are always available to talk to and discuss any aspect of your service. If you do not use the NORRCOM family service, give it a go, what is there to lose and you could gain so much.



Christopher joined NORRCOM in 2005 and is one of 4 Norris family members working for the company

Colin Nilsen

General Manager
Colin joined NORRCOM 8 years ago bringing with him extensive management experience

Greg Adler

National Technical Manager
Greg has recently joined NORRCOM and heads up our Auckland region, Greg has a vast experience of technology within schools, Greg is a welcome addition to our national management team


Lead Network Designer
Adam has a vast experience of all things WiFi and Network, Adam received Ruckus innovation award and has worked across Europe and NZ. He has been a member of the family business for many many years