NORRCOM Internship

NORRCOM started our Internship program before others had even started their companies. Our original and first intern is now an IT manager in Wellington.
The aim of this program from NORRCOM’s perspective is to give young people real life experience in all aspects of technology. They are released from College up to one day per week to work with our chosen team of engineers that guide and explain, we also give in house training and training homework.
The im of the program is to allow young people to be informed and to be in a position to decide what they want to do beyond school, for those who want to opt into system engineering they can be interviewed by NORRCOM to become an apprentice.
NORRCOM DO NOT use Intern’s for free labour at the school they are being released from, we know others may be opting for this path but our philosophy is simple better understanding leads to better decisions leads to better people.