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NORRCOM are a totally BRAND AGNOSTIC company, giving you the best choice at the best price

At NORRCOM we offer sales and service second to none. We offer solutions and options not box drops and margins. Sure we make a profit but this is small compared to the savings you make in our solutions based service. Of course we can source and quote on any aspect of your school or business but here are a few key areas of sales.

Modern technology means classrooms are changing rapidly but NORRCOM are here to help. Our experienced education team works together with schools to first assess your goals and what outcomes you would like to achieve, then find the best fit for purpose hardware to meet your requirements.

We don’t look to provide the latest and greatest, we don’t just look for the cheapest option  – we work with you to determine you unique requirements, then provide solutions that fit at the best price possible to ensure you’re not just happy when the bill comes in, but are happy for the life of your new hardware.

We partner with best of breed manufacturers, industry names that are recognised and proven in their field, with certified technicians ensuring you’re getting the most out of your purchases.

NORRCOM are always on the leading edge of new products and services in the education market to ensure you are taking advantage of any new possibilities or developments. We continuously work behind the scenes to trial and test new hardware, so that when it reaches your classroom we can be confident it’s right for the job.


         We believe desktops will eventually become one of two things. Firstly high end specialist devices delivering solutions BYOD devices just cannot give. Secondly we believe schools will provide screens that pocket based devices will plug into.

BYOD Devices

We work with groups, schools and clusters to deliver solutions fit for purpose, we offer more than any other provider, delivering on the ground discussions, solutions and packages. Working with ALL finance companies to bring you and your school a solution built to last at an affordable cost.


Servers quite frankly have and will have done their dash, no longer will schools be purchasing $30k solutions. we truly believe NO school in NZ needs this size of server. With Hybrid cloud and solutions designed for the purpose not to fit a persons ego, we believe we are the provider of choice for delivering reliable server solutions (if they are needed at all).


We are Apple ACN and deliver quality solutions for Servers, MDM and all MAC devices. NORRCOM are a true one stop shop for all MAC and associated products.