Board of Directors

Christopher Norris


Christopher joined NORRCOM in 2005 and is one of 4 Norris family members working for the company, he graduated in management at Vic and has worked in the family business of and on since his early college days. Christopher continues the philosophy of relationship business, delivering honest reliable solutions

Paul Norris


Paul started NORRCOM in 2003. having successfully run similar companies in the UK, as our family grew older we firmly believed the next generation should be given the chance to prove the differences they can make. Of our 4 children, Christopher runs NORRCOM, Adam runs his own business, Martyn works in Electronics and  Samantha is a teacher.

Christine Norris


Christine setup NORRCOM with Paul in 2003, Christine has setup every role in NORRCOM and is the fallback for everything. Christine is there for all the family but prefers to be in the background, oiling the machine.

Adam Norris


Adam has worked with and for NORRCOM since leaving school in 2008 and several years ago branched out into his own business (PureTech) it is important that the family stay as directors to guide the values we so strongly believe in.