Every Cloud Solution, many fully funded

Call us to talk about the solution that fits you and it may save money and cost nothing

Should you really be buying big on site servers

With so much of the cloud funded should you be spending big $$ on on site equipement

Azure Microsofts server platform

Free to schools through MS/MOE

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud server offering, it is the go to for schools as it is funded through MoE and Microsoft licenses. NORRCOM have successfully migrated many schools to Azure

365 Microsoft's Application Cloud

Fully funded MS Cloud applications

Microsoft 365 provided all applications you know and love hosted in the cloud, it takes the worry out of onsite updates and maintenance

NORRCOM's hosted cloud solution

Fully hosted and managed by us

Some customers want a server to host the remaining services and AWS is too expensive we provide that last mile solution to completely removing the server.

AWS Helps to remove Servers

easy to setup and cost effective

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a solution provided in the cloud by Amazon, working with NORRCOM we chose CPU, space and memory and then you pay monthly for the service. Data tied to the server is often cost prohibative

Microsoft and NORRCOM server reduction

Whats is it

This was an initiative offered by Microsoft in partnership with NORRCOM (and other providers) to reduce the need for onsite server. The aim is to steer schools away from purchasing expensive onsite equipment. It is not a move to replace systems (such as Google, Hapara, Google apple, Google Teams) It is a method of getting schools ready to replace or in the best instance do away with an onsite server.  

Why bother – Schools will reduce the need for an onsite server moving Data to GSuite or OneDrive or Dropbox, unfortunately a small server is often still needed for print cost recovery.

Is it for me – Not always, some schools have already done away with servers, some schools have Linux or Apple servers

What do i get – Active Directory is moved from onsite to Microsoft, all windows computers are upgraded to windows 10, all staff and students that use Office are migrated to Office 365 (this is often the admin staff), Minecraft is enabled and Intune to manage devices. These are all optional features.

SSO – When you move Active Directory to Azure you get the option of SSO (Single Signon) this gives you the ability to have all staff, students and staff or just school computers signon once using your credentials from the server) once on you are automatically logged on to any application including SMS, GSuite, you name it it signs you on without the need to re enter a password.

Do i have to do it – NO and many schools opt to not move, we find schools who’s server is end of life or the server is struggling opt to proceed.

Does it cost me – Often the work can be completed free of charge

Will i get PD – Its often not needed but Microsoft are happy to give any PD on the areas you are unfamiliar with

Does it replace Google – NOT AT ALL, it is designed to replace the server, its not aimed at replacing Google.

MOE Cloud Transformation Project

Whats was it

about 5 years ago the MoE started an initial trial with a few schools in the South Island, mainly in Christchurch. The aim was to remove the need for an onsite server. All schools as part of the MoE Microsoft agreement can use Microsoft’s cloud platform (Called Azure and Sharepoint). Before schools jump into this solution there are a few key pointers that schools should aim to achieve to ensure the process is seemless and the experience enhanced.

Why bother – simple really to reduce the need for an onsite server, therefore reducing costs

Was it for me – Not always, some schools have already done away with servers, some schools have Linux or Apple servers

Would  it effect my school – If you use Google, no not at all, school has an option of SSO (Single Signon) which allows you to signon to a device once and then be auto logged into applications.

The project worked well and schools either removed servers or bought greatly reduced servers while remaining true to the applications they wanted, Google, Hapara, etc

It was an initiate to replace servers, it worked well.