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We started 5 years ago at Paraparaumu college with Paul and Christine. We have grown to be a national provider giving agnostic opinions and support schools want. We are fully NZ owned and operated. Our business is run by our family, our family own the company and we are proud of what we have achieved and want to keep spreading the word that ICT doesnt need to break the bank, the profits do not need to go offshore and we can all enjoy doing what we do.

One of NORRCOM’s teachers realizing they can

  • No long term contracts, we trust our skill

  • NORRCOM lead the field in affordable solutions

  • NORRCOM move schools to the cloud for free

  • 24/7 Support, fully trained helpdesk staff

  • Hardware quotes turned around in 4 hours

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“Hi, I’m Christopher the CEO of NORRCOM. Several years ago I took over the running of NORRCOM, a business my parents started fifteen years ago. They are both still actively involved in the company. We aim to deliver solutions for schools that revolve around common sense computing. We never over sell or over promise, we advise on the best solution for each customer, we are not tied to any manufacturer and prefer to give 100% independent advice. I truly appreciate there are other providers but I’m confident there are none as good as NORRCOM.”

Over 150,000 Users, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We love our users and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing service take nothing for granted and do your best our mantra

NORRCOM understands our vision. The expertise they bring and advice they provide has guided us through some very tricky waters. It seems that nothing is too
difficult. We have enjoyed and benefitted from our partnership with NORRCOM.

Maurie Abraham, Hobsonville Point

Being a trustee with a Wellington school, Paul understands the tight financial constraints schools operate under and looks for solutions that maximise the IT experience for the best monetary value. Norrcom technicians understand this philosophy as they also make recommendations based on best value for money.

Kevin Bush, Te Hihi School

We have used NORRCOM for a number of years. They continue to impress us with their personal approach to our relationship at all levels of their organisation, and their willingness to work alongside and support us in all things IT.  They are flexible, objective, and genuinely committed to the best interests of our school.

Tony Booker, Rangitikei College

NORRCOM kids getting tech

Who Are We?

We know who we are and we are proud of it, we are a family business punching above its weight, in an industry were service at a competitive price matters. Treat everybody as you would expect to be treated yourself.

  • Great people to work with

  • Brand agnostic

  • Not a single sales person

  • We do right by our customers

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NORRCOM take nothing for granted we know you have a choice!

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